Mission Impossible: Fallout . . . of Love

Posted: December 16, 2019 in Kung anu-ano lang . . ., Litrato
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Ethan Hunt and Julia Meade
Source: https://sg.news.yahoo.com/michelle-monaghan-reunite-tom-cruise-mission-impossible-6-205005551.html

I was done watching the last franchise of the action movie Mission Impossible: Fallout just a minute ago. This is unusual for me, criticizing a movie . . . and making a blog post out of it after watching.

Well, for me, nothing is fancy about the movie. Just a typical action movie with CIA agents carrying futuristic weapon technology; you know, a James Bond-based story, nearly “rip-off”. I just started watching the whole franchise two days ago, and if I had not watched the movie Kingsman (let’s call this the MI-based movie to be fair), perhaps I could say that MI was the greatest James Bond-based movie of my generation.

Although I did not like the franchise that much, I must say that there was one message in this action movie (Fallout) that I liked most and worth a share: the tragic love story of Ethan Hunt (the protagonist), and his [ex] wife Julia Meade.

Ethan and Julia married in the third franchise of the movie. To make the long story short, after a dangerous mission, the couple decided to take a vacation. But there was no real vacation in Ethan’s job. Cursed by unfinished businesses, the couple was being hunted by the agent’s vengeful enemies. Although evil did not succeed on taking their lives, the event made Ethan gave up the will to live a normal life. Because of the circumstances, and the exhausting job, and feeling that whenever there was a bad thing happening in the world, he must be there, Ethan realized that his wife was not safe as long as he was beside her. So he faked his wife’s death to protect her, stayed away from her, and they never shared a single word since then.

Julia’s appearances in the next franchises after that would not take a minute long until the Fallout. Ethan and Julia met each other again and had a conversation . . . also with Julia’s new husband. I felt an unexplained empathy with Ethan on this scene. He could predict every disaster and even bullets in the whole franchise, but this one . . . he did not see it coming. And there was no one to blame. Julia just felt empty and she fulfilled that feeling by loving someone again. Ethan was always whole the whole time, just knowing that the love of his life was safe and sound . . . until that scene that broke his heart because he realized that protecting his woman was not his responsibility anymore but by another man. And getting her back was the real mission impossible. I just felt pity on Ethan.

The thought of losing your world to save the world is distressing, but knowing that someone else is living with your world is devastating.

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