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  • Wishes prayed and worked with God will always be granted. God always acts in mysterious ways. His ways may always seem different from yours, but it will always be done.
  • Friends are important in any stages of life: at young age, good or bad, friends are random but always bring happiness; we become adult, true friends are those still by your side regardless if you are above or below the wheel, and are useful for connections and influence; at old age, obviously, friends are for happy memories.
  • Blood is always thicker than water. You will always have a second thought choosing between a best friend that is always there for you all your life, and a long-lost sibling that you have a chat with for a minute.
  • Work. Try all the things that you want to experience. But do not ever, ever forget those things you are passionate about. When you lose passion, you lose yourself.
  • Being patient does not mean getting the desired output, but teaches us more in the on-going process. Missed opportunities are fruits of short patience; you lose the chance to learn and to change while working on something.
  • Take away all the fear inside you. Fear is the most dreadful disease. It is more toxic than cancer. It poisons your heart and mind, encouraging body weakness.
  • Be kind. It may reward you soon. You do not know what tomorrow has for you. And in this “adulting” stage of life, kindness is the most precious trait that you can learn.


Ethan Hunt and Julia Meade

I was done watching the last franchise of the action movie Mission Impossible: Fallout just a minute ago. This is unusual for me, criticizing a movie . . . and making a blog post out of it after watching.

Well, for me, nothing is fancy about the movie. Just a typical action movie with CIA agents carrying futuristic weapon technology; you know, a James Bond-based story, nearly “rip-off”. I just started watching the whole franchise two days ago, and if I had not watched the movie Kingsman (let’s call this the MI-based movie to be fair), perhaps I could say that MI was the greatest James Bond-based movie of my generation.

Although I did not like the franchise that much, I must say that there was one message in this action movie (Fallout) that I liked most and worth a share: the tragic love story of Ethan Hunt (the protagonist), and his [ex] wife Julia Meade.

Ethan and Julia married in the third franchise of the movie. To make the long story short, after a dangerous mission, the couple decided to take a vacation. But there was no real vacation in Ethan’s job. Cursed by unfinished businesses, the couple was being hunted by the agent’s vengeful enemies. Although evil did not succeed on taking their lives, the event made Ethan gave up the will to live a normal life. Because of the circumstances, and the exhausting job, and feeling that whenever there was a bad thing happening in the world, he must be there, Ethan realized that his wife was not safe as long as he was beside her. So he faked his wife’s death to protect her, stayed away from her, and they never shared a single word since then.

Julia’s appearances in the next franchises after that would not take a minute long until the Fallout. Ethan and Julia met each other again and had a conversation . . . also with Julia’s new husband. I felt an unexplained empathy with Ethan on this scene. He could predict every disaster and even bullets in the whole franchise, but this one . . . he did not see it coming. And there was no one to blame. Julia just felt empty and she fulfilled that feeling by loving someone again. Ethan was always whole the whole time, just knowing that the love of his life was safe and sound . . . until that scene that broke his heart because he realized that protecting his woman was not his responsibility anymore but by another man. And getting her back was the real mission impossible. I just felt pity on Ethan.

The thought of losing your world to save the world is distressing, but knowing that someone else is living with your world is devastating.

Tots #10

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I’ve got the courage to express myself.

But got rejected before I know it.

Another unspoken words. Another cliffhanger. Another what-if story.

No more questions.

I deserve it.


Smbahan pa rn: Reply ni Jason sa nobya.

Katoliko si Jason, at katulad ng karamihan sa nasabing relihiyon, hindi naman talaga siya palasimba. Ngayon lang, kasi may importanteng okasyon. Nakikiuso.

Ash Wednesday kasi. Unang araw ng Kuwaresma. Isa sa mga araw ng paghahandog ng penitensya. Ito ang araw ng paglalagay ng abo (na galing sa sinunog na palaspas), sa noo ng mga Katoliko, ayon sa mga salitang “Magsisi, at maniwala sa ebanghelyo”, o salawikain na “Tandaan mo na nagmula ka sa alikabok, at sa alikabok ka rin babalik.”

Homily. Nakatambay lamang si Jason sa labas ng simbahan. Malakas naman kasi ang mga speakers. Pero hindi na importante iyon. Kahit gaano pa iyon kalakas, hindi naman niya iyon maririnig, dahil hindi niya naman pinakikinggan. Mas naririnig pa niya ang tunog ng kumakalam niyang sikmura. Hindi na niya ito natiis, at dahan-dahang binunot ang nakatagong kringles sa kanyang bulsa. Paborito niya ang pinoy kringles. Hindi ito katulad ng kringles sa ibang bansa na mukang pretzels na gawa sa ordinaryong tinapay. Ang pinoy kringles ay black and white. Hindi malaman kung saan gawa ang puting pulbo na bumabalot sa itim na tinapay; ang sigurado lamang, sapat na itong pampawi ng kumakalam na tiyan.

Message:   Mlapit na k.

Reply:     Malapt kna? 😀 (panunukso ni Jason sa nobya)

Message:   Cra ulo. San tayo after mo magsimba?

Reply:     Sa dti nalang mura don e

Message:   OK. Ready ka na ba? Nagpalkas ka na b? 😀

Reply:     Oo. Kumakain na ko ng kringles. 🙂

Message:   Kringles? Lalakas k b dian?

Reply:     We’ll see. 😀

Natapos ang Homily. Umikot na ang pari upang magbasbas ng holy water. At ilang sandali pa, pinapila na ang mga gustong magpalagay ng abo at krus sa kanilang mga noo.

Habang nasa pila si Jason, hindi niya maiwasang maisip ang mga nagdaang pakikipaglaro ng apoy sa nobya. Hindi man angkop sa lugar upang isipin ang maiinit na sandaling pinagsamahan, hindi niya ito mapigilan, lalo pa’t alam niyang ilang oras na lamang ay muli niyang matitikman ang malambot na labi ng kasintahan, at mapipisil ang matatayog nitong dibdib, habang nasisiyahan sa pagsupa ng mga nakatayong tetilya. Walang duda: walang pari, o krus, o banal na tubig na makapapawi sa tawag ng laman. At walang sermon na mas importante sa tunog ng langitngit ng papag.

At dumating na ang pagkakataon ni Jason.

“Tandaan mo na nagmula ka sa alikabok, at sa alikabok ka rin babalik,” aniya ng pari. Maigi nitong idinutdot ang daliri sa naghihintay na abo, ngunit sa pagtaas ni Father ng kamay ay hindi sinasadyang sumabit ang daliri nito sa tabi ng labi ni Jason.

Awkward, pero maliit na bagay. Awkward din kapag pinunasan sa harap ni Father. Baka magtawanan. Hindi na muna ito pinansin ni Jason, at taas-noo niyang tinanggap ang krus na iginuhit gamit ang abo.

Kahit hindi pa man tapos ang misa, lumabas na sa simbahan si Jason katulad ng nakaugalian. Tapos na ang pakay, kaya tapos na rin ang misa. Tumunog ang cellphone at tuluyan na ngang nakalimutan ni Jason ang abong naligaw sa gilid ng labi. Dali-dali niyang sinagot ang tawag sa sobrang eksaytment. “San ka na?”

“Tingin ka sa kaliwa.”

At sa paglingon nga’y nakita ni Jason ang nobya, papalapit sa kanya, taglay ang mapanuksong mga titig, na sinamahan pa ng tumitikwas na buhok at umiindayog na beywang. Lalong nag-init ang sandali para kay Jason.

“Kanina ka pa?” nakangiting tanong ni Jason. Hindi maitatanggi sa boses ang eksaytment.

Marahan, dumapo ang hintuturo ng nobya sa tabi ng labi ni Jason, kung saan naghihintay sa kalungkutan ang naligaw na abo. Sumama ang abo sa hintuturo, at dumiretso sa bunganga ng babae. Sinimot ito ng nobya gamit ang dila, at mapang-akit na sinabing “May kringles ka pa sa labi.”

Nabaliw si Jason.

Ten Lessons From 2018

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  • We should always believe in luck: it is the secret recipe of success; because not all who perseveres gain triumph.
  • Time can be a friend if spent wisely. But most of the time, time is a threat, an enemy; a split-second decision can change your life.
  • As we grow older, we learn to spend more time with our family. We accept the fact that family, through highs and lows, is home.
  • We also appreciate those friends who are still want to be with us unconditionally. Keep them. They are precious.
  • Learn to evaluate ourselves every time specially when committing in any relationship. We tend to believe that in order to cast away all the negativity in life is to eliminate those we believe are toxic people, but in reality, we do not realize that you, is the toxic one. In that case, you are hopeless.
  • Learn to say sorry. It cleanses emotional pain. It is the easiest way to closure.
  • And learn to say please, especially in desperate times. Do not mind about your ego; they do not care about it after all.
  • Love will set us free? No. Forgiveness will set us free.
  • Love is the twin of pain. So forgiveness must be the twin of consequence. All people are willing to take forgiveness, but not consequences. Learn to forgive, yes, but make sure to give the consequences.
  • I have just learned how to use chopsticks. It is entertaining . . . and I do not want to use it again.

Tots #8

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Isang malaking bagay sa akin ang panunuod ng pelikula, lalo na iyong mga isinabuhay galing sa libro. Subalit mas malaking bagay sa akin kung mas nauna kong basahin ang bersyon ng libro kaysa sa palabas. Pakiramdam ko kasi, inagaw sa ‘kin ang misteryo kung uunahin ko ang palabas. Sa palabas, nakadikta na ang lahat sa manunuod. Sa libro, ikaw ang gagawa ng sarili mong mundo.

Ganoon kahiwaga ang pagbabasa — iisang kuwento, iba’t ibang imahinasyon.

Fact You, Life.

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  • It doesn’t mean that if you always do good things and be good all the time, life will always turn out well for you.
  • Same with relationship. Sometimes, the one you love the most is the one who never loves you at all.
  • People, mostly, are separated by race, gender, and religion.
  • Man is a perfect creation; so perfect that we are also perfect in being stupid.
  • Most of us always take life for granted.
  • And we always give importance to those things that are not really important.
  • Always wasting our resources to strengthen our forces for war, and seek life outside of this planet full of life.
  • Love is underrated.
  • We are born to die.
  • We cannot insert the USB to the port properly. Sometimes, we still cannot do it for the second time; and worst, for the third time.


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Dear 032.41-077.10,

I am no prince to love a princess like you.

I am no saint to have your endless admiration.

But I am here, enjoying your sweet caress, melted in your graceful smile.

Your love has neither been anachronistic nor incongruous. It is always perfect in time, perfect in place whenever I need it.

I love all the things about you: your hair, your skin, your nose, your lips, your eyes, even your ugly eyebrows that always give the chills and goose bumps whenever you get mad at me, everything!; your consummate sweetness that makes me feel very special, and your passionate kiss that always gives me a chance to taste a little bit of heaven here on earth.

You are my inspiration, and at the same time, my weakest point.

You are the oasis of my lifeless and dull personality.

You are the moonlight in my lonely and starry night.

You are the sunshine and I am the tree that shall have never been grown without your light.

You are the epitome of such beauty that no one could ever resist.

You are the one that I’ve been waiting for a long time, the merriest gift, and the most important part of me that I know I really don’t deserve.

I still can’t believe that you are mine now. You are the greatest mystery, the climax of my love story, written by The God Almighty.

I am sorry for this pretentious letter.

All I just want to say, more than words can say – I love you.

Ang sarap maging bata, walang responsibilidad; laging may nakaalalay, laging may nakalingon. Hindi pa importante sa atin nuon ang anumang relihiyon. Matutulog nang pagod hindi dahil sa stress, kundi dahil sa paglalaro natin buong maghapon. Laro lang sa’tin nuon ang langit, lupa at impyerno. Sinasayang lang natin dati ang papel, gunting, bato. May instant family tayo sa bahay-bahayang laro, at laging may aguinaldo t’wing sasapit ang PASKO. Kabataan ay ‘yung mga oras na tinanong natin ang buwan, “Baket mo ba ko sinusundan?” ‘Yun ‘yung oras na naging prinsepe’t prinsesa tayo sa sarili nating mundo. ‘Yun ‘yung parte sa buhay natin na minsa’y nakalipad tayo at naging superhero. Kabataan ay ‘yung kaisa-isang parte sa buhay natin na kahit pinanganak kang mahirap eh siguradong babalik-balikan mo.

Ang sarap maging bata kasi buong-buo ka pa. Wala ka pang lamat at ‘di ka pa nakalalamat ng iba. Kabataan ay kayamanang nauubos pero hindi nawawala sa isipan. Kayamanang aalalahanin sa ating katandaan. Huwag ipagkait sa ibang tao. Kabataan ang dahilan kung sino ka ngayon.

Kabataan ang ugat ng iyong PAGKATAO . . .

Pasens’ya na po kayo sa mapanghusga kong mga mata na patuloy na nagbubulag bulagan sa aking nakikita; sa nagbibingi-bingihan at naririndi kong mga tenga ‘pag nakaririnig ng di maganda; sa aking bibig na wala sa katinuan ang pagbuka, at sa dila kong mapaglinlang na sumasaksi sa kasinungalingan para mangangrabyado ng iba. Pasens’ya na rin po kayo sa bato kong mga kamay, na kadalasang nakasasakit ng kapwa at ng aking mga kaaway. Sa mga paa kong tumatahak ng maling landas na inuutusan ng sakim at makasarili kong utak na hindi man lang mahawakan ng manhid kong puso at nagdurusa kong kaluluwa. Patawad Panginoon sa makasalanan kong PAGKATAO.