Seven Lessons From 2019

Posted: January 1, 2020 in Kung anu-ano lang . . ., TOTS
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  • Wishes prayed and worked with God will always be granted. God always acts in mysterious ways. His ways may always seem different from yours, but it will always be done.
  • Friends are important in any stages of life: at young age, good or bad, friends are random but always bring happiness; we become adult, true friends are those still by your side regardless if you are above or below the wheel, and are useful for connections and influence; at old age, obviously, friends are for happy memories.
  • Blood is always thicker than water. You will always have a second thought choosing between a best friend that is always there for you all your life, and a long-lost sibling that you have a chat with for a minute.
  • Work. Try all the things that you want to experience. But do not ever, ever forget those things you are passionate about. When you lose passion, you lose yourself.
  • Being patient does not mean getting the desired output, but teaches us more in the on-going process. Missed opportunities are fruits of short patience; you lose the chance to learn and to change while working on something.
  • Take away all the fear inside you. Fear is the most dreadful disease. It is more toxic than cancer. It poisons your heart and mind, encouraging body weakness.
  • Be kind. It may reward you soon. You do not know what tomorrow has for you. And in this “adulting” stage of life, kindness is the most precious trait that you can learn.


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