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Civil War

Posted: May 31, 2018 in Makata-kuno
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Pre-loved vehicles scattered on the streets
Abandoned. Destroyed. Burnt
Soldiers fighting for peace
Neutralized. Massacred. Torn.

Elite people control the puppet–
Economically disadvantaged ones, summoned to death
The truth of civil war is a bold-faced lie:
To create unity, first society must die.

The fruits of political act are disgusting–
Landscape architects dig no more for plants but dead bodies
Politicians are in commitment of ethnic cleansing
Death of innocent civilians are labeled as collateral damage.

When can we glance again a glimpse of humanity?
When people beg for euthanasia to escape the agony?
When pulling the trigger is the only solution?
When living is worse than pregnancy termination?

Someday, the living will envy the dead
No euphemism can soften this act of dread
This is civil war, and human rights have nothing to say
This is civil war, but what is so civil about war, anyway? (more…)