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My 2nd Pencil Sketch: Seek The Truth

I remember the first time I had decided I would draw somebody, something on a paper properly. I was lying on my bed, thinking about learning new skill that day when suddenly I wondered why I did not inherit some of my uncles’ skills in arts, especially in drawing (I am pertaining to my uncles from my mother’s side: one is architect, and the other one  has a background in Graphic Arts). Then, I got paper and  Mongol pencil straightaway and did sketching. And boom! I surprised myself, discovered that I have some hidden talent in drawing. That moment lifted my self-confidence so much, and I realized that I really do know how to draw; I just did not take even a single step to do it, and a step to believe in myself before. I was always like that: wasting time and chances because of lack of self-esteem (Now, I am trying my best to manage that kind of bad attitude).

The picture above is my second pencil sketching using a mechanical pencil. That was the first proper sketching I had made, though. I know it is not beautiful in an artistic manner; I just uploaded it to remember one of those times I had found out a confidence to believe in myself, that I could do something as long as I teach myself to like it. And first times are worthy to remember, right?

Now, I am adoring and taking a great pleasure in the art of charcoal painting. Maybe, I will post my artworks soon, pretty or not, to see the progress of me in that field. I always thank God for making Arts exists.

(By the way, the meaning of the art is: Find God, not only in religion, but also in your life, especially in yourself.)

“And, when you want something, all the universe conspires in helping you to achieve it.”

– Paulo Coelho, The Alchemist


Pasens’ya na po kayo sa mapanghusga kong mga mata na patuloy na nagbubulag bulagan sa aking nakikita; sa nagbibingi-bingihan at naririndi kong mga tenga ‘pag nakaririnig ng di maganda; sa aking bibig na wala sa katinuan ang pagbuka, at sa dila kong mapaglinlang na sumasaksi sa kasinungalingan para mangangrabyado ng iba. Pasens’ya na rin po kayo sa bato kong mga kamay, na kadalasang nakasasakit ng kapwa at ng aking mga kaaway. Sa mga paa kong tumatahak ng maling landas na inuutusan ng sakim at makasarili kong utak na hindi man lang mahawakan ng manhid kong puso at nagdurusa kong kaluluwa. Patawad Panginoon sa makasalanan kong PAGKATAO.

Tots? #5

Posted: September 24, 2013 in TOTS
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Pag hindi mo malaman kung ano ang totoo, manahimik sandali, gamitin ang mata para MAKARINIG, gamitin ang TENGA para makakita . . .