Ten Lessons From 2018

Posted: December 28, 2018 in Kung anu-ano lang . . ., TOTS
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  • We should always believe in luck: it is the secret recipe of success; because not all who perseveres gain triumph.
  • Time can be a friend if spent wisely. But most of the time, time is a threat, an enemy; a split-second decision can change your life.
  • As we grow older, we learn to spend more time with our family. We accept the fact that family, through highs and lows, is home.
  • We also appreciate those friends who are still want to be with us unconditionally. Keep them. They are precious.
  • Learn to evaluate ourselves every time specially when committing in any relationship. We tend to believe that in order to cast away all the negativity in life is to eliminate those we believe are toxic people, but in reality, we do not realize that you, is the toxic one. In that case, you are hopeless.
  • Learn to say sorry. It cleanses emotional pain. It is the easiest way to closure.
  • And learn to say please, especially in desperate times. Do not mind about your ego; they do not care about it after all.
  • Love will set us free? No. Forgiveness will set us free.
  • Love is the twin of pain. So forgiveness must be the twin of consequence. All people are willing to take forgiveness, but not consequences. Learn to forgive, yes, but make sure to give the consequences.
  • I have just learned how to use chopsticks. It is entertaining . . . and I do not want to use it again.

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