An I For An I

Posted: June 8, 2017 in Litrato, Makata-kuno
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Madness (Manipulation)
Madness: My First PS Photo Manipulation

And the light exits from this room consumed by darkness

Makin’ me blind, yes

And the silence breaks its own existence

Makin’ me deaf, yes

I have never wanted a single raindrop on my face

But now I am trying not to complain that there is no rain

Cigarettes’ butts, bottle caps scattered on the ground

My unwashed jacket that keeps me from cold is nowhere to found

Smoke inside my lungs makes me feel so relieved

Heartbeats still want to tell me there’s still hope, I believe

I want to hear a gossip, perhaps a tale

I want to see someone — like I — is going to fail

I just want someone to tell me “It’s okay”

All I want to do is just to sleep all day

You can call me what you will

A loner, a vagabond

A tormented, a disaster one

Maybe a walking dead, Oh I like that one

But who?

Who has the right to call me miserable?

No one but I

Who is so pious to remind me the dos and don’ts?

The right and wrong?

The good and bad?

Don’t you see, lad?

No one but I

’Cause in this world I am living

There is no family;

There is no buddies;

There is no religion;

There is no faith;

There is no light;

There is no god;

There is no life

No one but I

And I am no sane

Mayhap, I do not appreciate this life

In view of the fact that I have always wanted a life

The unloaded gun on the table always looks dangerous

But with bullets beside it — friendly, it is

I fought

And I lost

And I cannot save I from myself.

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