The Things We Take For Granted

Posted: March 17, 2017 in Makata-kuno

Do you hate the coins in your purse?
Yes, it’s heavy, a burden like a curse
But remember those times when you were in a rush?
Your paper bills couldn’t buy you time so much

Are you mad whenever your mother scold you at night?
Her words echoing in ears, always startle a fight
But in moments of desertion and there’s no one to lean on
You’ll surely miss her voice and concerning sermon

Irritated by a friend consistently saying hello?
You always reply, “Sorry. I have to go.”
And when you become lonely, you’ll start to cry
You will be needing to hear him saying “Hi.”

Fifteen minutes nap
A kiss on a forehead
Raindrops on a desert
A pillow on a bed

A smile of a stranger
A hug in a night
Those things we’ve taken for granted
Bring heaven in our lives.

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